Stiff muscles? Here's your cure...

Stiff muscles? Here's your cure...

Many people have complained of stiff muscles and reduced mobility after lockdown.  It’s no surprise.  We have been stuck at home and many of us are sitting all day working sat on our dining room chair rather than a good ergonomic one.  

So how do you remedy this? 

Well, a new meta-analysis (which is a study of studies!) showed that strength training is just as effective as static stretching when trying to increase your mobility.  

Don’t give up your stretching just yet though if, for example, you are doing some strength training and cannot get the full range of motion needed to the exercise well.  

We recommend that you:

1.  Do a low weight or no weight movement on the exercise you are about to start e.g. do your squat with just the bar first for a set and then add load.  

2.  In the days between training do some stretching / mobility exercises.  

Happy training! 

P.S Are you a health and fitness nerd like us?  Check out the study (linked in the comments below).

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