Surviving Christmas Party Season

How to stay healthy in Christmas Party Season

One of the questions we get asked the most is, “how can I stay healthy when I go out for a meal?”

A great question, especially as we hit Christmas Party Season.

When Times Get Tough

How to keep going with training

When bad things happen we need to take time to process them and acknowledge the hurt.

But don’t get stuck there.

Stiff muscles? Here’s your cure…

Stiff muscles? Here's your cure...

Many people have complained of stiff muscles and reduced mobility after lockdown. It’s no surprise. We have been stuck at home and many of us are sitting all day working sat on our dining room chair rather than a good ergonomic one.

So how do you remedy this?

Revival of the Fittest

Pure Performance transformations Judith the fittest at 50

Here are some absolute heroes who came to us wanting a change, stuck to their programmes and achieved AMAZING results. If you take only one thing from this article let it be – you can do this too.