The Pure Performance Team





Our team has all the qualifications and experience you need to deliver your dream transformation.  That’s not what sets them apart though.  What sets them apart is that they care about your wellbeing.  They take your transformation personally,  walking side by side with in your journey to be fitter and healthier. 


Mark Ames Pure Performance Pro

Mark is Pure Performance’s Founder and Head of Training. 


He has overseen hundreds of transformations, covering fat loss, muscle building, athletic performance and more.  

Mark became a Personal Trainer after serving with the Royal Marines.  During his time in the Marines Mark became obsessed with peak performance and health and the processes for achieving them.  

On leaving the Royal Marines Mark took up Thai boxing, kick boxing and bodybuilding.  He just wanted to learn as much as possible; with the high intensity training of a Thai fighter to the discipline and knowledge of nutrition that bodybuilders have to create the physiques they do. 

On his personal training style Mark says:

“I tailor to the individual taking into account the client’s abilities and goals. I also have a great interest in what motivates people and studying psychotherapy and NLP allows me to understand how i can use that motivation into helping my clients attain their fitness goals.

Personal training should be as much about creating a great feeling and promoting mental and physical confidence as it is about the actual exercises; there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone achieve something today which they could not do a week ago.”

Chris is a Non-Executive Director of Pure Performance.  


Chris advises us on the management of the business, with a particular focus on creating a world-class client experience for all of you. He is passionate about helping people to get healthy so that they can live their best life. 

Chris has a bit of a unique skill set that is ideal for this organisation – he is a qualified Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and an Executive that works in the business management team at a national law firm. He also mentors and advises leaders across the UK.

Chris is a columnist for national men’s magazine, Sorted. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to us, which translates to continuous improvement of our services to you! 

A former client of Pure Performance, Chris understands the company and its ethos well.  

On what drives him in his role, Chris said:  We want to reward our clients by providing the best possible service. That starts by being outcome focused – i.e. actually delivering results for our clients – but also into every other part of their client journey with us. We understand that our clients are using their valuable disposable income to pay for something that can be quite painful (necessary for change), so we want to make our services AMAZING for them.” 

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