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1 to 1 Personal Training is delivered by highly experienced Pure Performance Pro trainers. Our Personal Trainer will work 1 to 1 with you, tailoring an exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plan that fits around your unique needs and passions.

We have worked with hundreds of clients on everything from fat loss, to muscle building to improving performance and getting ready for events.

Check out the transformations our clients have achieved with us. 


Mark Ames Pure Performance Pro Taunton


My name is Mark Ames and I am the Founder of Pure Performance.   I wanted to  give you a quick overview of what you will get when you sign up to our 1 to 1 Personal Training.   Our values are excellence (in our technical expertise and coaching), comprehensiveness (we will assess your progress and give you an easy to follow but complete plan), individualism (we know everybody is unique so we design your programme after your consultation) and durability (we want your health transformation to last forever, not just for a quick photo).    Here’s how we will get you to your health and fitness dream:  

1) A free ‘kickstart’ consultation of your 1 to 1 personal training 

The purpose of this session is  to understand three things: 

(i)  Where you are currently –  We will do this by analysing your body composition and fat percentage (remember:  we do not judge – in fact, we respect anyone who has gone down a bad path and wants to change things for the better).  We will also look at your current fitness levels, your likes and dislikes in the gym and in the kitchen and more.  

(ii)  Where you want to get to – We will ask you a series of questions to help you articulate your health and fitness vision.  

(iii)  How we are going to get you there:   We will also identify the key factors we need to understand to prepare your plan of action to get you from where you are currently, to where you actually want to be.  For example, if you are obese and want to lose weight.  

2) Programme Design

Once we have all of that data, we will immediately get to work creating a tailored plan for your transformation.  This will include: 


  • A exercise plan to include 1 to 1 personal training gym sessions 
  • A nutrition and supplementation plan 
  • A lifestyle plan (because losing weight, packing on muscle and improving performance needs good sleep, stress management, hydration etc as well).  

Good programme design works around you – your other commitments (work, family etc), your current health and other factors.  We take them all into consideration.  

3) 1 to 1 training

One of our experienced Personal Trainers will work with you in the gym, your home and/or outdoors.  Providing 24/7 support (if you have questions or other needs) they will stand with you in your battle to achieve your health and fitness goals.  They will guide you through  your personally tailored workout, keeping you motivated and accountable in pursuit of your health dream. They will help you to get the most out of your reps, helping you with your technique and monitoring your progress.  

4) Nutrition and Supplementation Coaching

Nutrition and supplementation are the foundation of your new, lean body. Our in-house experts provide you with a simple, personalised and effective nutrition plan that easily integrates into your busy lifestyle and doesn’t require hours of preparation in the kitchen.  In addition, we will coach you on better eating and give you access ot the Pure Portal which will help you to prepare meals and record them.  

5) Lifestyle Coaching

You will receive advice on recovery, sleep, stress management, breathing, hydration, mindset and other factors that will empower you to make more conscious choices to aid your training and nutrition efforts. 

6) Consistent Assessments

I teach all of trainers that, ‘if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing’.  Every few weeks, we’ll re-assess your results, adjusting your training programme and nutrition plan if required. By never taking our focus off your results, we constantly adapt, ensuring they never plateau.  This regular re-assessment also reveals just how far you’ve com (which leads to more motivation, and more epic results!). 

7) 24/7 contact

You will have access to your workout plan, your nutrition plan, and your lifestyle plan 24/7 from our mobile and desktop app ensuring you everything you need, wherever you are.   Our coaches are available via email and will respond rapidly to your queries.  

8) Aftercare programme

You’ve got the results you always dreamed of and worked so diligently to attain, but that doesn’t mean we will stop caring about your sustained personal success.  Our unique, one of a kind, aftercare programme will provide you with continued support so that you can maintain your results forevermore!    

8) Pure Performance Client Private Facebook Group

We invite all our clients to join our private Facebook group where you can share questions with us and our other clients, sharing successes and motivating each other along the way!



Personal Training
£ 200 Monthly
  • Online Personal Training
  • Tailored Fitness Plan
  • Bespoke Nutrition Plan
  • Cancel any time

1 to 1

Personal Training
£ 280 8 sessions
  • 8 Gym Sessions with a PT
  • Tailored Fitness Plan
  • Bespoke Nutrition Plan
  • Duration depending on the goal

1 to 1

Personal Training
£ 360 12 sessions
  • 12 Gym Sessions with a PT
  • Tailored Fitness Plan
  • Bespoke Nutrition Plan
  • Duration depending on the goal
Most Popular

1 to 1

Personal Training
£ 460 16 sessions
  • 16 Gym Sessions with a PT
  • Tailored Fitness Plan
  • Bespoke Nutrition Plan
  • Duration depending on the goal

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