In just 14 weeks our client Tom went from 25% body fat down to a remarkable and enviable 11%. His body composition improved all over, lean muscle mass increased resulting in full looking chest and excellent deltoid size and definition.

Tom used to regularly weight train with his father. When tragedy struck and Tom’s father passed away he just didn’t have the heart to weight train for a long period of time. Many new SPT clients have been affected by life events which result in weight gain and often they reach a critical point at which they are ready for change. This is what happened with Tom,

Tom wanted to get back to the gym but he just couldn’t face it without his best friend by his side. This was the challenge for us to reignite his passion for weight training, and get him back into shape.

Tom quickly improved due to his previous experience in the gym but even he was amazed at the difference good technique and intensity of training can make. Tom is a great example of how having a personal trainer can help anyone; even those with years of weight training experience, to improve on their own knowledge and change their body composition effectively.

I never thought id get in such good shape in such a short amount of time. I cant recommend pure performance enough their knowledge and skill is second to none