Mark Ames
Mark AmesHead Coach & Founder
As a former Royal Marine, I’ve seen some amazing feats of human endurance. The most important thing I’ve taken from that time is the realisation that anything’s possible through determination. I apply this principle to personal training and to my whole life. My training style is not a boot-camp style, but hard work and positive attitude is still the key to getting great results.

My background in fitness builds on my service as a Royal Marine and on my experience competing at an international level in martial arts and in endurance events of all kinds. I draw on this breadth of experience to motivate and encourage my clients to push that little bit harder and go that bit further every time. I want you to achieve your ideal physique – that’s why I do what I do!

I’m a registered Level 3 REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) personal trainer based in Taunton Somerset. We have full insurance and first-aid training. I’m currently studying for a Level 4 Advanced Personal Training Certificate, specialising in lower back pain.