You cannot underestimate the value of sleep in a muscle building or a fat loss program. A good nights sleep will help keep your muscles healthy your hormones balanced and your energy levels high and can also contribute to greater levels of fat loss.

  1. Tips for a greater sleep
  2. Turn of all media 35-45 mins before bed and read to wind down the brain
  3. Aim for 7-9 hours unbroken sleep (if this is not achieved there maybe other issues that are interrupting your sleep pattern like stress or anxiety)
  4. Carbs in the evening can make you sleepy (try 30-40g of porridge with almond milk). AS A FOOTNOTE IM NOT TALKING ABOUT A BAG OF CHIPS OR A BOWL OF PASTA OR A PIZZA
  5. Make sure its dark use blackout blinds
  6. Turn off all wifi and devices. Go old school alarm clock instead of phone or better still wake naturally