My journey with pure performance

I was looking for a trainer that could seriously help me change my body. I’d trained with other personal trainers in Taunton and found i was getting nowhere and felt i was wasting my money. I was recommend serious personal training by a friend that had trained with them in the past, he told me they push you hard so go into it with your eyes open.

I contacted mark from pure performance and arranged a consultation, I couldn’t believe the detail of what was needed to put a plan together for me we discussed everything from mindset, training frequency for women to menstrual cycles and of course how to implement my training and nutrition plan. I received a login to inutrition pro the software they use to view my nutrition plans which i can update with the foods i can eat, and as a vegetarian its quite important you have a plan that works for you. All expertly guided and corrected at times by pure performance.

The coaching on how to exercise was my biggest eye opener mark completely took me of any cardio for the first 8 weeks and focused on bodybuilding and strength building systems. My body was visibly changing week by week and i was getting stronger, I couldn’t believe i had wasted all these years trying to get lean with hours of treadmill work! As i got stronger and more confident we started to add in strongwoman sessions for fat loss as an addition to my strength training (still haven’t touched a treadmill at this point).

My body fat went from 40% to 20% in 16 weeks the change was rapid and the training was very hard but well worth every minute. I now also know how to train myself. pure performance completely changed my attitude towards training. I hated going to the gym and the exercises I were doing were completely wasting my time. Now I love training and have a completely new outlook on health and fitness. His knowledge is outstanding and training and nutrition advice is second to none.

Having tried previous trainers in the area I can confidently say pure performance is the best.’ Do your research only choose a personal trainer with a proven background!