Online Training and Nutrition

The Pure Online Training option is a full service exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programme that will transform your body and health forever.  The great news for our international clients is that we can do all of this online. Our online training package has helped people across the globe transform. It is based on years of experience and education.   You will have online video conversations with our trainer, who will design a plan for you. You will get exclusive access to an app which will give you video tutorials on the exercises and will allow your trainer to monitor your progress from afar.  Get ready to become the best, possible version of yourself.

What is included in the Pure Online Training package?

  • An in-depth health analysis before we start, analysing where your health is at currently and what steps you will need to take achieve your health goals.  
  • Regular online video calls with one of our Pure Performance Personal Trainers.
  • Tailored nutrition plan and nutrition advice.
  • Lifestyle advice on recovery, sleep, stress management, breathing, hydration, mindset and other factors that will help you achieve pure health.  
  • Access to an App with all of your plans, exercise videos and more.  
  • Regular testing to ensure you are making progress towards your goals.
  • Bespoke progressive training programme to suit your unique body type and lifestyle.  
  • Aftercare programme to ensure that once you achieve your results, you can keep it going.

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We’re confident in our skills and experience to deliver results whatever your starting point, regardless of age, weight or gender. Our service is more than training, it’s about facilitating a change in you & teaching you how to make it sustainable in your life day to day.

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