Lees four week transformation

15% body fat down to 10.5% body fat in 4 weeks
Lean body mass up 2kg

I worked with lee for 4 weeks only to get him in condition for his wedding. Lee was in pretty good shape already so his progress was fast.

Lee’s training was chest and back focused

Lee’s Nutritional protocol was carb cycling and calorie cycling

No cardio

Training Split

Monday Chest, Back. Nutrition Moderate carbs
Tuesday Legs, Calves. Nutrition High carbs
Wednesday off. Nutrition No carbs
Thursday Shoulders, Bicep,Triceps. Nutrition low carb
Friday Chest, Back. Nutrition Moderate carbs
Saturday off. Nutrition low carb
Sunday off. Nutrition no carbs

Mention from Lee

So happy with what I was able to achieve in 4 weeks with Pure Performance cant recommend these guys highly enough