James came to us looking to get ripped for for a photo shoot with Matt Marsh Photography. We had 12 weeks to work with him to achieve his goal. James hired us to deliver his 12 week nutrition plan; we also designed his final 4 weeks training preparation leading into the shoot!

The picture on the left James’s body fat is 13.5% and the picture on the right is at 5% body fat.

During James’s transformation James’s calories never dipped below 1950kcal per day.

We were lucky enough to be invited to James’s photoshoot and what a great experience it was too to see such a professional at work. James looked fantastic and we are really proud of his achievement.

James is a serving member of the parachute regiment and he was extremely disciplined throughout. Because of James’s demanding roll it was crucial he was able to perform his duties during this transformation. We do not advocate hours of cardio and extreme low calorie dieting! Instead we use a smart, intelligent individualised approach with every client to get this kind of result.