Good news! There’s not too much to worry about in terms of putting on lots of fat over the Christmas period. Most weight gained over this period will be from water retention due to excessive carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates have water molecules attached to them which is the root cause of this retention. It’s good to know that this excess can be easily lost within a few days or weeks once you are back focused on your nutrition.

The main problem is that the people who over consume during this period are more likely to over consume more frequently in general thus adding to potential weight gain over time. For these people it is typical for that weight to stay on throughout the year leading to a year on year weight gain. There are many real factors involved in these scenarios and it is possible for everyone to change for the better with the appropriate training and nutritional help.

Some simple tips

  1. Recognise that alcohol intake increases appetite and lowers your ability to say no to that extra pudding. If you want to stay strong it may be best to limit your alcohol!
  2. Eat your proteins first as this will suppress appetite and keeps you feeling fuller for longer
  3. Try not to over consume on sugars as this can damage your pro-biotic balance. Sugars promote certain bacteria in your gut over others which research now shows leads to increased craving for that food group  (source)

Our Christmas message to you in summary – enjoy yourself but don’t go crazy, hit the training with intensity in the New Year!