1. Be in a Caloric Deficit
You need to be in a caloric deficit (consume less that your energy expenditure) for weight loss to occur, all evidence suggest and supports this method. I’m going to assume that metabolic health is normal for the purpose of this article. A moderate deficit of of 20% from your baseline calories would be sufficient to initiate weight loss (bassline calories would be the calorific value that you neither put on body fat or lose body fat).

2. Do Weight Training
Training with weights for women is essential as women tend to burn more body fat whilst training than men especially in untrained overweight populations. Also the evidence seems to suggest that weight training is significantly more effective at burning body fat than aerobic fat loss strategies. The evidence also suggest that weight training can contribute to significant fatloss in the lower half the body where fatloss can be an issue due to alpha estrogen receptors in that area.

3. Choose Higher Volume Training
Research suggest that women recover quicker from exercise than men suggesting that less rest and more volume is beneficial for a female weight loss strategy. The greater output the greater the hole in your caloric deficit you will create.

4. Eat Enough Quality Protein
Female protein requirements if you are on a fat loss plan – shoot for 1-1.5g of protein per lb of body weight.
Adequate protein is very important for providing amino acids to the body there are 20 in all, 9 of which are essential or the amino acids that can not be manufactured by the body. These 9 can only enter the body as food. Protein also has the building blocks of neurotransmitters and hormones which regulate and support how you think and feel. Protein also helps to stabilize your appetite keeping you fuller for longer due to proteins taking longer to digest. Protein also supports the repair of tissue (protein synthesis) from weight training and raises your metabolic rate, protein also makes the cells more sensitive to insulin.

5. Do Interval Training
Support your fat loss with interval training this works well for both men and women. Not only is it time efficient it also creates an after burn type environment for hours to come. The stress hormone cortisol is really important to regulate when trying to burn body fat! Traditional type cardio elevates cortisol that can inhibit effective fat loss! That statement doesn’t mean that running is bad or cycling is bad it just means that they are not as effective for fat loss as interval training.
My preference would be sprint intervals women will need slightly longer intervals than men due to less drop off in power through the interval