I cannot say enough about Damian’s determination transform his physique. Damian gave us 7 weeks to drop as much body fat of him as possible before he went back to Australia. He dropped a whopping 12 kilos truly amazing. He is an incredibly busy man and could commit to 3 sessions per week, we also ran our nutritional package alongside of his 3 full body training sessions. Damian’s training progressed in 3 phases, Phase 1 we emphasised leg training, Phase 2 we emphasised chest and back training and phase 3 we emphasised shoulders and arms training all in two week blocks. Nutritionally speaking we dropped carbs for the first 15 days and then added them back in after training and before bed to facilitate serotonin to aid sleep.

Supplementation:- omega 3, potassium citrate, multi vit, d3-k2 and magnesium

Start weight 142 kg

Finish weight 130 kg

Start body fat 39%

Finish body fat 21.5%

All we do is show our clients the fastest and most optimum way to achieve the results they are looking for and the rest is up to them. Organisation and focus is key great job well done damian.

Happy Training