I started a 12 week strength and performance course with mark head trainer at serious personal training. My aim was to get faster and stronger to perform better at my sport, I play American football for the Somerset Wyverns.

The first meeting with mark was a consultation where we discussed sleep, stomach health, mood, current eating habits, on pitch performance, strategic ways of building muscle and dropping body fat, emotional drivers and much more.

Mark set me up a performance related nutritional plan to run alongside my training system Pure Performance had designed for me. The first phase was to work on my strength incorporating all the big lifts, the second phase was to work on muscle hypertrophy, more angles higher volume less rest, the third phase incorporated a sprint protocol twice a week focusing on 0-5 meters and 0-40 meters from a standing start. I also switched back to a strength phase for the next 3 weeks reducing volume and increasing load. The final fourth phase was again a muscle building phase with sprint training still at twice per week.

Calories stayed consistent all the way through training however the intensity of the workouts increased as the training plan evolved. I can honestly say I’ve never been so fast and powerful, I’m running through the opposition like butter which is putting pressure the opposite team  to commit more resources creating holes in their defense elsewhere. I’m 30% faster and 20% stronger in 12 weeks unbelievable. And on the plus side my body fat has come down from 20% to 11.5% and I’ve increased my lean muscle tissue by 3kg nearly 7lbs.

These guys really know what they are doing and the support is still there for me even though I’ve finished my training with them. I am looking forward to working with Mark and the team again. I highly recommend Pure Performance if you are looking for results and to increase your knowledge about training and nutrition. I personally wouldn’t go anywhere else.