Bulletproof Your Winter Fitness Plan

winter fitness


Autumn and winter can make it harder for us to get to the gym. It is often still dark when we wake up, and pitch black when we finish work.



Our passion is to help people to be healthy, thriving and living life to the full.

Life doesn’t always seem to work that way though. People come to us having been through great adversity or heartbreak, feeling like they have failed or that hope is far from reach.

Science Destroys Longstanding Fitness Myth

metabolism 30 plus

For many years, Scientists thought the average person (aka not a Pure Performance client) gained at least 1-2 pounds per year from the age of 30 because our metabolism starts to slow down.

Revival of the Fittest

Pure Performance transformations Judith the fittest at 50

Here are some absolute heroes who came to us wanting a change, stuck to their programmes and achieved AMAZING results. If you take only one thing from this article let it be – you can do this too.

Create a Summer to Remember

summer to remember

We are typically more active and want to do fun things and, for many of us, it is the dreaded ‘swim short and bikini season’.