Arm Training Tips

As promised, here are our top training tips for a more muscular set of arms.

1. Fat Grip Bars and Grips
A wider grip forces ones grip to work harder, working not only the target muscle, example biceps in bicep curls, but also the forearms. Be aware that the weight load you will be able to handle will reduce when training with larger diameter grips. From the hands all the way to the upper arm, thick grips drastically increases neuromuscular strength to kick start arm growth.

2. Eccentrics
Raising the weight through the contracting portion of any movement is half the battle. Using a slow controlled negative phase of a lift, again lets use bicep curls here, evokes far greater hypertrophy potential than the concentric phase alone.

3. Cut the Rest
The muscles of the arm are of a smaller size in comparison to other muscle groups of lets say, the back or legs. This allows much greater recovery times. We can afford around 70% of the total rest in comparison to rest required when training other larger muscle groups for the purpose of hypertrophy.

4. Take a Seat
When we are training arms we want all the bodies neuromuscular energy and focus to be put into the muscle we are working. Standing dumbell curls will require the body to stabilise through the legs, therefore we lose some neural drive. For biceps curls we want this drive to come through the elbow flexors, giving us greater force of contraction in the area we are focusing on.

5. Range of Motion
Whenever a muscle contracts (agonist) it’s counterpart (antagonist) will lengthen. Armed (pardon the pun) with this knowledge we can apply this to our arm training. Hold a dumbell down to your side and flex your tricep, this in turn will fully lengthen the bicep. Now curl the dumbell, ensuring full contraction and squeeze of the bicep to the end of it’s range of movement. Return the dumbell to the start position, again flexing the tricep hard. As arm muscles are comparatively small in relation to the rest of our bodies, we need to explore the extreme ends of their motion to ensure we capitalise of every last fibre at our disposal.

We can now take this information and apply it to a sample workout. Give this a go and enjoy the muscular growth to come.
A1 Incline Bench Dumbell Curl 10-12 reps x 4 sets 4010 tempp
A2 Close Grip Dumbell Bench Press 8-12 reps x 4 sets 3010 tempo
B1 Chin Ups (Supinated) 4 reps x 4 sets 6010 tempo
B2 Dips 10 reps 3 sets 4010 tempo

Tempo numbers are broken down as follows. Each individual number represents a portion of the lift
4 = Eccentric
0 = Pause at bottom of movement
1 = Concentric
0 = Pause at top of movement