Beware the instant weight loss promises

Beware the instant weight loss promises


Consistently good habits over time = amazing transformations. 

Beware the ‘instant results’ business.  We regularly see new fad diets that work in the following way:

1.  They get you on an extreme calorie deficit (e.g. 1,000kcal per day).  

2.  You see a dramatic weight loss within a few weeks.   

3.  You think the diet is amazing, a game changer, the key to your dream physique. 

4.  Meanwhile, your body goes into starvation mode, trying not to burn the calories you are eating and storing fat.  

5.  Your transformation slows down, you feel like crap, have no energy and your mood changes. 

6.  Your body begins to crave food (usually the bad kind) meaning you go wild in the kitchen over and over again (think ‘Racoon near a bin’ wild!). 

7. You put more weight on that you lost, and you blame it all on yourself. 

8.  You remember how much weight you lost on the diet you were on and go back to it. 

And repeat, and repeat and repeat.  These diets should be criminalised.  

There is a better way.  A more sustainable, long lasting, confidence building way to lose your fat forever.  Over the next few days we will be exploring the key principles of fat loss.  It isn’t a magic pill or a ‘Castaway’ diet where you live off a few leaves a day – it is a tried and tested methodology that works.    Basically, we follow the science.

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