Our NED Chris Writing Columns for International Men's Magazine

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Our Non-Exec Christopher Kerr is writing regular columns in the UK men’s publication Sorted Magazine.  

Sorted has been voted the UK’s most wholesome men’s magazine.

Launched in 2007, each bi-monthly edition is packed full of celebrity interviews, entertainment, gadgets, music, movies, grooming, fashion, football and a whole lot more.

Printed on improved cover and paper stock with a premium feel, Sorted is one of the country’s fastest growing new titles, Sorted is the home of some of the world’s biggest celebrities. Icons such as Bear Grylls, Daniel Craig, Mark Whalberg, Will Smith, Sylvester Stallone and Jeff Bridges have graced our pages in recent issues.

Chris is writing a column entitled ‘Thinking Bigger’ were he discusses some of the key issues facing men today.  In Chris’s latest column for Sorted Men’s Magazine he rightly argues that we need to reframe our darkest hours.  Our inner battles do not preclude us from achieving great things; they actually qualify us.  History testifies to this.

Check it out here:  https://sortedmag.com/why-lincoln-is-an-inspiration/

Our clients will know that we value mental health just as much as physical health here at Pure Performance Personal Training.  When men get depressed, we tend to think of ourselves as weak, broken, worthless and a let down to those we are responsible for.  This just feeds the depression and makes things worse.  

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