Bulletproof Your Winter Fitness Plan

winter fitness

Here’s one for you #gameofthrones fans: 


Autumn and winter can make it harder for us to get to the gym. It is often still dark when we wake up, and pitch black when we finish work.

Here are a few tips to make sure you keep your motivation up when the days are cold, wet and dark:

1. Keep your vision in mind

Why do you want to lose weight? This is an important question that I recommend you answer, write down and constantly come back to in your weight loss journey. mes will get tough, motivation will decrease and temptation is all around us. Your vision will help you to stay on track during those tough moments. Don’t know how to craft a vision, check this out: https://pureperformancepro.co.uk/…/the-power-of-vision…

2. Create a bullet proof system

In management speak, there is something called the ‘path of least resistance’ i.e. getting the output you want with minimum amount of time and effort required. In this case, we want to get you to the gym. So why not pack your gym bag and work clothes the night before and put your gym clothes on top of the bag by the door. The result, when your alarm goes off at 6am all you need to do is roll out of bed, put your gym clothes on and get in the car. For more systems, see here: https://pureperformancepro.co.uk/…/what-to-do-when…

3. Remember the reward

Those who lose weight, do the right things consistently. When you battle the elements (and the hibernation temptation), you will get AMAZING results. Give yourself a pat on the back whenever someone tells you that you are nuts for getting up in the freezing cold and dark to go the gym.

4.  Everything feels better when you do the right thing

That December Christmas film (ok, we know some of you start in October!) will feel so much better when you have worked out earlier.  

You’ve got this! 

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