"What is the best type of exercise I can do to lose weight?"

best exercise to lose weight

In my early days of being a personal trainer I would have said resistance training and prescribed you specific exercises with clear rep and set ranges.  I would have been right from a scientific perspective.  

But years and years of training many hundreds of clients has given me a different answer. 

The best type of exercise you can do to lose weight and maintain health is the one you enjoy doing.  The one that you look forward to doing rather than dreading.  That is what is sustainable when life comes at you fast with competing priorities.  Guess what also happens when you do the exercise you love?  You start to enjoy the gym work too, as you can see it improve your performance in the thing you love to do. 

Consistency is the biggest key to unlocking weight loss and lifelong health.  

So answer me this, what type of exercise do you love to do?

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