Science Destroys Longstanding Fitness Myth

metabolism 30 plus

Sometimes Science throws you a curve ball and that is exactly what happened this week. 

For many years, Scientists thought the average person (aka not a Pure Performance client) gained at least 1-2 pounds per year from the age of 30 because our metabolism starts to slow down. 

A game changer study this week confirmed that this is not true.  Our metabolism DOES NOT change until we hit 60 years old.  At which point, it tends to slow down 1% a year.  

So why does the average person put on 1-2 pounds per year after the age of 30.  The answer is we are consuming more calories than we burn.  The average person tends to eat more and move less after 30. 

This is good news because you can do something about it.  Improve your nutrition, schedule in exercise time and, if you work in a sit down type of job, make sure you get up and move at regular intervals.  Your body is not fighting against you, your lifestyle is. 


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