Revival of the Fittest

Here are some absolute heroes who came to us wanting a change, stuck to their programmes and achieved AMAZING results.  If you take only one thing from this article let it be – you can do this too.  


Pure Performance transformations Judith the fittest at 50

Judith’s transformation started with a shock to her system.  She was diagnosed with Osteopenia, a condition that makes your bones thinner.  Judith did her own research and found that strength training and weight bearing exercise could improve her condition, staving off osteoporosis.  Judith came to Pure Performance for help.  She turned up at the gym to do full body training four days per week.  She stuck to her nutrition plan and made improvements in other lifestyle areas – sleep, stress management and hydration.  She nailed it and is fitter and healthier than ever – at 50.  Read the full transformation story here.   



Pure Performance transformations Chris copy

Chris’s transformation is remarkable.  He lost a whopping 60lbs (over four stone) in 30 weeks (a sustainable, healthy 2lbs per week).  His strength went up as did his fitness.  Chris ended up winning the Anytime Fitness rowing challenge.  What a legend.  Chris’s transformation shows it is possible to change your life with some consistency.  Check out his transformation here.  


Another Chris 

Chris loses 3 stone and 20% body fat

Chris had a shock to the system when he saw the above photo:  “On the left, you will see Simon Sinek the bestselling author of Leaders Eat Last.  On the right you will find me, the leader who evidently eats whenever he damn well pleases!”  Chris was 15 and a half stone (approximately 100KG) when this photo was taken.  He found Pure Performance and the rest is history.  He got to 12 and a half stone, lost over three stone and 15% body fat.  Life changed in more ways than one though.  “I ended up getting engaged 18 months after my first training session with Mark.  I can’t give him all the credit but he certainly helped me get fit, well, improved my mood and helped me look better than I did.  OK perhaps I should give him more credit!“.  Read Chris’s transformation story here.  



Pure Performance transformations Pete

Pete lost 2 stone in 8 weeks, an amazing transformation.  “I hit 50 and it was harder than ever to battle the bulge.  When I tried to squeeze into my dinner jacket in June, I realised I had lost the fight.   I made a vow that, after the holidays, I would sort myself out before my 51st birthday. At the start I weighed in at 14st 8 lb and a 37 inch waist. I now weigh 12st 8lb – I had to punch a new hole in my favourite 12 year old belt and went shopping for 32” jeans last week”.  Great work Pete!  Here is his transformation story here



Saxony was 40% body fat when she joined Pure Performance.  Within 16 weeks she was half that at 20% body fat.  “I was looking for a trainer that could seriously help me change my body. I’d trained with other personal trainers in Taunton and found i was getting nowhere and felt i was wasting my money. I was recommended Pure Performance by a friend that had trained with them in the past, he told me they push you hard so go into it with your eyes open”.  Check out her story here.



What an amazing transformation phil has made via our online coaching service.  65lbs down and still going strong.  Phil is able to stick to a plan religiously and puts in 100% with every workout. However scheduled diet breaks and training deloads have played a huge part in keeping the energy and intensity levels high.  The best thing?  Phil is still going – how much more can he achieve.  Spoiler alert:  lots! 


P.S  Are you ready to start your transformation?  Contact us today for a free consultation! 

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