How To Lose Fat Or Build Muscle With A Personal Trainer In Taunton Without Needing To Create Your Own Meal Plans

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Pure Performance Pro Presents To You The Personal Trainer Taunton Package

From: Mark Ames
Taunton, Somerset UK

Personal Trainer Taunton Fitness Trainer Taunton Mark Ames Pure Performance ProHave you been dreaming about actualising that dream physic of yours?

Are you a man or a woman who has been wanting to lose weight or gain muscle for long enough now but haven’t really got to where you want to be?

Well here at Pure Performance Pro your very own personal trainer in Taunton, we know that you, yes YOU, have the power to take control of your body and transform it into the body of your dreams.

You’ve likely tried different diets before and have perhaps seen some results, only for the weight to then pile back on.

Or you’ve trained in the gym for some time, but you haven’t really achieved the results you were looking for.

Or you’re new to the worlds of fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition, and you want the best head-start for yourself.

It isn’t easy these days, with all of these generic diets and workout methods that aren’t focused on your own individual needs.

Or when you have to spend your precious time figuring out your nutrition plan for the following week, and even then, not being entirely certain that it will work for you.

And it’s okay. We understand your plight.

And this is where we can help as your very own personal trainer in Taunton.

With Mark’s help I managed to lose over 2kg of weight and got my body fat down from 13% to 11% which I was really happy with. Between Jo Jo and Mark there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping clients reach their goals. I can’t recommend them enough.


The diet and training had a profound impact on my body fat %. I have been extremely pleased with the results Mark has helped me achieve and I would thoroughly recommend Pure Performance to those in the area looking for a profound change in lifestyle.


I have been training with Pure Performance for just under a year now and the change in my body shape, composition, general strength and posture has been noticed by friends, family and work colleagues.

Helen Reid, TAUNTON

Fitness Trainer Taunton

As fitness trainers in Taunton, we’ve been helping clients to transform their bodies and reach their fitness goals throughout the county town for the past 4 years.

We’ve helped dozens of people, both women and men, from teenagers to retirees, coming to us with every type of body composition you could think of.

So as fitness trainers in Taunton, we know full well the ins and outs of providing top quality in-person workout programs and tailored nutrition plans.

The thing is, we actually care about getting our clients the results they desire.

It’s what drives us, and so we make sure that we support them every step of the way with 24/7 support.

Even then, once you’ve achieved the body and level of fitness that you’d always dreamed of, we provide an aftercare program to ensure that you maintain your well-earned results.

Don’t just take our word for it though

Check out some of our client transformations:

And now I want to help you with your training and nutrition, so you can can create the body you really want as well!


Send us an enquiry, book a FREE no pressure consultation (remote consultations can be arranged via skype for cloud nutrition & training plans).

The thing is, we do care about your results.

We want you to achieve your goals.

So, this is why our Personal Training Taunton program aims to hit as many markers as possible.

Removing as many of the barriers we possibly can between you and achieving the type of wellbeing and body composition that you’ve been longing for.

So, what is included in the program? What are the Pure Personal Training benefits?

In-Depth Analysis Consultation

To establish where you currently are with your health, and where you’re personally looking to go with your goals, we will conduct a health-check to ensure that we create a bespoke plan for you that is appropriately tailored to your needs.

1-to-1 In-Person Personal Training

Have your own experienced personal trainer with you in the gym to guide you through your personally tailored workout. They will help you get the most out of your reps and will help to keep you motivated and accountable towards your goal.

Progressive Workout Plan

We will create a workout plan that is optimally designed for you to reach your personal goals. As you progress, your trainer will continually optimise your plan with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

Tailored Nutrition Plan

You’ll get your own tailored nutrition plan that will be continually optimised based on your progress.

Continual Plan Optimisation

As you train, your body, energy levels, digestion, stamina and strength will change. Your personal trainer will continually monitor and test your progress and make continual optimisations to your workout and nutrition plans to ensure you’re getting the most out of your efforts.

Nutrition Advice

Along with your own bespoke nutrition plan, we will also provide you with Nutrition Advice that will help you better understand your nutrition plan, and the fundamentals behind it that will drive its effectiveness with your goals.

Lifestyle Advice

You’ll receive advice on recovery, sleep, stress management, breathing, hydration, mindset and other factors that will empower you to make more conscious choices to aid your training and nutrition efforts.

24/7 Access To Your Plans

You’ll have access to your workout plans, nutrition plans and lifestyle advice all from our mobile & desktop app that you can access 24/7.

24/7 Contact

Ever have a question about your tailored workout, nutrition or lifestyle advice plans? You can contact your trainer whenever you need.

Aftercare Program

You’ve got the results you wanted and worked so diligently to attain, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop caring about your sustained personal success. Our Aftercare Program will provide you with continued support so that you can maintain your results.

Free: Anytime Fitness Gym Membership INCLUDED with the program!

Anytime Fitness’s Gym Trainers in Taunton

We are Anytime Fitness’s main gym trainers in Taunton, and we are proud to say that membership to this gym is included for the duration of all of our Pure Personal Trainer Taunton packages.


Send us an enquiry, book a FREE no pressure consultation (remote consultations can be arranged via skype for cloud nutrition & training plans).

What Are People Saying About ‘Pure Personal Training Taunton?’

One client of ours, Chris Painter, shares his own testimonial about his journey of training with us:

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As You Can See…

The Pure Personal Training Plan Has Already Helped Many People Across The County Town Of Taunton…

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

A Fitness Coach Who Serves The People Of Taunton

We work with a variety of clients of all different backgrounds and walks of life. In case you are wondering, some of them work in a variety of industries:

  • Tradesmen

  • Accountants

  • Managers

  • Charitable Volunteers

  • Designers

  • Utility Workers

  • Engineers

  • Farmers

  • Doctors & Nurses

  • Lawyers

  • Civil Service

  • Social Carers

  • Teachers

  • Drivers

And more!

The job you work, or where you’re currently at with your body, does not define nor limit your potential.

Take a look at Saxony’s transformation. She works in social care, and the hours she works made it challenging for her to reach her dream body composition.

With our help however, it gave her that extra boost physically, mentally and emotionally, both in the gym and in the kitchen, to get to where she wanted to be.

“Having tried previous trainers in the area I can confidently say pure performance is the best. Do your research only choose a personal trainer with a proven background!” – Saxony

Sceptical About Working With A Workout Trainer In Taunton?

Now, you may be sceptical.

Wondering, can I really transform my body in the same way?

Will this bespoke personal training program and tailored nutrition meal plan work for me?

Some of our clients asked the same questions.

They wondered if it would be worth the money.

They wondered if they could achieve their goals just as easily or as quickly by going it alone, without someone helping them along the way.

And we get it.

Every time it reminds us of the clients of ours who came to us after having gone it alone.

Whether it’s in the gym:

  • Relying on YouTube videos to find and figure out workout plans and then tracking all of their reps, weights, cardio times and intensities themselves.
  • But never having that person in the gym with them, directing them on their next exercise.
  • Setting the weights for them.
  • Keeping track of every rep.
  • Spotting them to help them push out that final rep.
  • Or spurring them on to go that extra mile in their workout all the while keeping them accountable.

Or whether it’s in the kitchen:

  • Where they’ve sifted through all of the contradicting information online.
  • Searching about the types and quantities of foods they should be eating.
  • Figuring out the right ‘formula’ that fits the macros specific to their own requirements and goals.
  • But never having a backed-by-science and results nutrition plan tailored specifically for their own individual needs.
  • A nutrition plan that is constantly adapting based on how their bodies are in like-kind adapting and progressing.

Does this sound familiar?

And now I want to help you with your training and nutrition, so you can can create the body you really want as well!


Send us an enquiry, book a FREE no pressure consultation (remote consultations can be arranged via skype for cloud nutrition & training plans).